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Silver Anchor CO. is a global logistics and supply chain service provider. The company combines its core services of Air Freight, Ocean Freight and logistics to deliver globally integrated, tailor-made end-to-end supply chain solutions. 

“To be a reliable partner for our clients that is committed to providing service at a level of excellence that exceeds every industry standard, at a price that is fair and workable. To do so we will use different ways and levers to have an environment that encourages and rewards our employees on reaching our full potential, and puts emphasis on both competition and equality.” President Commitment to the Mission Statement has been a fundamental reason for the exponential growth of Silver Anchor Co. over the years. We achieved this growth with providing exceptional service and competitive pricing to our customer base. Exceptional service comes from the people within the Silver Anchor organization, people that have been invested in by the Silver Anchor organization and that have grown as Silver Anchor has grown.

Our objective is to create lasting value to our clients and shareholders by repeatedly and transparently delivering the client’s products safely and on time, and doing so in an atmosphere of integrity and honesty that still allows our company to prosper in the long term.

Our personnel has extensive industry experience and they are well qualified to assist our clients with the many details associated with international trade.

We place a premium on superior customer service; that means delivering on our commitments around the clock and around the world. Our communication systems are designed to provide you live shipment data when and how you need it.

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